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the late leader hugo chavez. though he is not on the ballot, his larger-than-life personality could play a role in the vote. -- afteryears ago years ago agreeing to close down its yongbyon reactor plant , they are announcing they are reopening the plant again. the state news agency is reporting north korea will begin rebuilding the facilities at the uranium enrichment sites and bring the reactor back online. the government says the facilities will be used for military purposes as well as providing domestic power. south korea's foreign ministry has expressed disappointment. >> if the report is true, it is regrettable. north korea should keep its promise and agreements. our government will closely monitor the situation. >> china, one of north korea's few allies thomas has also expressed concern. >> the demutualization of the korean peninsula and stability is the china stance. the situation at present is complex and sensitive. we call on all sides to exercise restraint and return as soon as possible to talks and consultation to jointly seek a way to appropriately solve the issue. >> as the
>> para muchos la imagen de hugo chavez tiene peso, inclusive para gente que le atribuye poderes especiales. >> para algunos venezolanos hugo chavez es considerado un santo. >> ahora es reconocido con una capilla, ahí se levanta la iglesia hugo chavez. >> tiene un poco de santo, no es que lo estemos beatificando, pero si tuvo un poco de santo, él como nuestro comandante, el logro cosas. >> su muerte para algunos se lleva a un plan espiritual. >> el presidente pasa a ser dentro del esoterismo como un espíritu más . >> aquí la imagen del presidente chavez tiene una gran demanda. >> (2 dólares) >> para los especialistas de imagen, dicen que es un tema comprensible, ya que es más considerado en relación a meses atratrás ♪. >> mientras esto sucede en las calles, vemos como a venezuela llegan distintos observadores para ver que sucede con las votaciones. >> los venezolanos que viven en el Área de la bahia esperan emitir su voto en el consulado. >> "apoyo a nicolás maduro porque continua el proceso con hugo chavez" >> "esperamos que la balanza de las elecciones sea equitati
sus hermanos está el hugo chavez . >>> y puede que alguinos de los dos candditos resolver el problema de venezuela. >>> los invitados especiales en el proceso están viendo lo que está pasando. >> > la muerte de hugo chavez ahacan de estar en el ocvctubre y es un proceso extraño. >>> y también esto se vive en el extranjero mucho venezolanospodran hacerlo. >>> están que la gente le tengan miedo a venezuela y estÁn a fuera. >> > y maÑana estÁn con cualquier escenario con la nueva etapa (♪ ♪). (♪ ♪). (♪ ♪). y estÁn en alerta y ya estan activandose en bogota colombia que dicen que estarÁ asÍ y nosotros lo estarÉmos informando. >> > muchas gracias raul y cientos de venezolanos estÁn conswiderando esto como histoprico y hay cientos de venezolanos con esto y la distanci asesino le simporto y de otrops estadospara estar con el voto maÑana para una jornada electoral para el chavismo o un cambio. >>> elal es parte de miles de venezolanos en estados unidos que hay mÁs de 38 mil venezolano . >> > y a pesar que estoy lejos con mi voto puedeo ejercer un gran cambio
. >> hugo chavez is -- hugo chavez's handpicked successor won by a razor thin margin of 50.7%. he is promising to caring on hugo chavez is -- hugo chavez's revolution. he will not accept the results until -- and he is calling for a full recount very >> -- full recount. kevin rayayfield -- faces -- a woman was sexually assaulted during one of those attacks. he is also charged with a home invasion during the same time. >> the search for a missing fairfax canada boy is expanding. the father says that in that investigators have found evidence that his ex-wife has the bbi. of she has emptied your bank accounts. inthe first place montgomery county to lower the voting age to 16. six of the seven council members have said they are in favor of that plan. it would apply to local elections only. >> it is tax day today and many companies are jumping on it very >> small businesses in the d.c. area are being audited. -- happy tax day to you, linda. if you are a small business owner in d.c., you should learn a little bit more. the associated press says that areonstruction companies confirmed to
in the foot debts of hugo chavez mama but will also have control -- the footsteps of hugo chavez, but will also have control of that -- nicolas maduro visited the former leader costume after campaigning. the opposition is not happy with that. we are live in the capital of caracas. is the polling station behind you open? we can see people lining up to cast their votes. >> people here continue to line up. this specific polling station has not opened yet. i'm told there is some opposition witnesses that are not here yet. they are giving them some time to arrive here. if they do not arrive in the next hour, they will still go ahead and open this polling station. people here have been lining up since 4:30 in the morning. i am in this neighborhood in western caracas, a lower to middle class neighborhood. most people say they will vote for the acting president, nicolas maduro. most people here say they support president hugo chavez, that he gave them dignity, that he improved their lives. it is impressive to see the organization of the ruling socialist party. since 3:00 in the morning,
of hugo chavez's legacy and his socialist revolution, and that means it is now the base of maduro. we could be hearing results fairly soon, and events are developing fast. nicholas is about three blocks from where i am matt in a military museum region where i am matt in a military museum. he is with top aides right now waiting for election results. we saw his care of them of armored vehicles and waiting to ofe him here -- caravan armored vehicles waiting to take him here. he has implored all of his supporters to go there to wait for results. meduro in his stronghold. way tok he is on his victory, but that is speculation. there are several hundred maduro supporters anxiously awaiting results, where they are going to explode into excitement and then maybe go to the presidential palace. these are things the parboiling under the surface as we wait for official results. >> has this been a fairly straightforward campaign? there are issues. violent crime is one. the third is the big one, the shadow of hugo chavez hanging over it all. >> it has been a straightforward campaign. maduro running
-time voters who grew up under the late president hugo chavez and his left-wing revolution. >> we believe in him. he is the future of this nation. we want a separation of powers but not a society. i think with him, we can achieve that. >> recent polls show him running in second place. he sounds very confident insisting he will win the sunday elections. he accused his competitor, the interim president, of hiding behind the image of hugo chavez and of being incapable of solving the pressing problems of crime, inflation, food shortages, and corruption. not hugo chavez. he cannot guarantee the country will get ahead. i am not the opposition. i am the solution. >> he also dismissed government claims he is behind an alleged plot to kill his competitor and destabilize the country is in central american mercenaries. with elections less than a week away, the opposition candidate conceded that unseating the government will be an epic challenge, but he reminded his supporters did in the end david did beat goliath. >> the highest court in pakistan has summoned the former president over of treason cas
's voice. nicolas maduro was the heir to hugo chavez, so why did so many votes for the opposition? john kerry says north korea must engage in real talks. we speak to the u.s. secretary of state. >> ♪ latestth africa's spectator sport left and interpret -- left our interpreter in a spin. .> he has promised to be gentle >> aaron has the latest on business. and in order from the french president to his ministers -- show me your money. >> he tell the socialist party to tell us about your property, cars, antiques, and bank accounts. he lied about his secret bank account in switzerland. >> it's midday in london, 7:00 a.m. in washington, 6:30 in the morning in caracas, where nicolas maduro has won a narrow victory in the presidential election. he ran on a promise to continue the policies that saw president chavez win election after election. but the results this time was a lot closer with capri less losing by 2%. capriles losing by%. >> supporters of the winning candidate made no secret of their jubilation and relief after a long, tense wait for the election results. >> then-candidate nicola
'm shocked. well, let's see. in venezuela, they held the funeral for dictator hugo chavez. many world leaders were there. iran sent their president, mahmoud ahmadinejad. cuba sent raoul castro. we sent dennis rodman. [ laughter ] so, it worked out. in fact, right before he died, hugo chavez did have some last words. he said he was just happy he lived long enough to see univision beat nbc. and i was surprised. [ laughter ] surprised by that. well now, that hugo chavez is gone, of course, the crazy nut ball dictator void will be filled by north korea's kim jong un. so, it's nice of him to step in and fill that. so, we appreciate that. [ applause ] this is kind of interesting. president obama's half brother, malik obama, is running for governor in kenya. and unfortunately, his political opponents are now spreading the rumor that he was born in hawaii. [ laughter ] [ applause ] horrible, terrible. well, a new poll indicates that president obama is no better than george bush at protecting civil liberties. in fact, the pollster had some follow-up questions but split when he saw the drone fly overhe
little. i speak about this in the epilogue of the book. there is very little to compare with hugo chavez except for the thing that everybody send bolivar died destitute, penniless, given up all his riches. hugo chavez by the way died a very rich man, opposite experiences there. but bolivar was -- let me put it in the most concrete ways. bolivar knew that he was a liberal. he made that he was a man of the enlightenment and he was cast by his enemies as being anti-liberal. it's a mistake. he was one of the most liberal enlightened leaders in the western hemisphere. but through the years, after he died, completely rejected by his own homeland and on the way to exile, it didn't take 10, 15 years before he was brought back as a great hero. his greatest general, his closest general, danielle from one co o'leary, hold bolivar love said of him, there is something about bolivar. it's the magic of his prestige. well, there were at least two presidents before hugo chavez who did exactly what hugo chavez said. take bolivar legacy and use it as their own. it's amazing to see people on the right use t
hugo chavez died of cancer, and honow the question is who will succeed him. we will find out. chavez called for them to vote for his former deupity, nicholas maduro, but henrique capriles says the tide is to his favor. eric far >> could maduro lose? >> you never say never but the polls indicate he will win. the question is, by what amount? on this basis the opposition is trying to test the election. there was an election october 7, when capriles went against chavez and lost by 10 points. as capriles goes against the successor, will the margin narrow and will it give m omentum for the next election? >> is maduro doing anything to get his -- >> he is doing everything he can son of himself the chavez. he mentioned chavez thousands of times, a website tracks the times maduro refers to chavez. he has claimed to see a vision of a mabird on his shoulder. if he said that as a candidacy for president it would disqualify him. in venezuela they say it makes him close to chavez. >> if he were to win, would he want a more cooperative relationship or would it be teh ehhe same? >> the id
in in a ceremony in the national assembly. tapped by former president hugo chavez before he died to lead the next government narrowly defeated his opponent in the april 14 elections. opposition led protests erupted following the election results after allegations of voting irregularities surfaced. here's a portion. >> representative william o'hare was a vehement member of the opposition. well, the campaign, he brought about some complaints. and then he went back to where he needed to be. excuse me if i am mentioning your name. he participated in the elections with the opposition. and he had proof about fraud that had taken place against them in a municipality. he lost with less than 1 percent and had proved that he had won the election. well, he went where he had to go. he went to the elections and the courts. and we know that in neighborhoods, he did not mobilize people were set fire to the houses. he just did what he had to do. i just gave that as an example. if there are differences in terms of elections to results, in this case commission results, there are many mechanisms in place. i must sa
of chÁvez, we're joined by two guests. rory carroll is author of, "comandante: hugo chavez's venezuela." he was the gardens latin- american correspondent and was based in caracas until last year. he is now the u.s. west coast correspondent for the guardian based in los angeles. mark weisbrot joins us from washington, d.c., an economics and co-director of the center for economic and policy research. can you talk about the significance of what took place yesterday, the election nicolÁs maduro? of these didty vote for continuity, and i think they did so mainly because there was a large increase [no audio] >> i am sure it will not change the results. the numbers are still large. it is very good for the country that have a system like that and will be a will to resolve it. you already saw the congratulations coming in from argentina, ecuador, and all of the government's i think will stand behind if there's any conflict over it. there will stem the hon government of venezuela. on the other side of the u.s., -- and on the other side is the u.s. that is something your listeners and viewers should
. as this politically divided country cast its votes. the ten-day campaigns to replace the late hugo chavez as president of venezuela have been passionate and loud. the incoming president meduro hand-picked by chavez as his successor promises to extend chavez' socialist programs for the poor. the 50-year-old has led in most of the polls and insists he is visited by chavez's spirit in the form of a bird. he frequently lashes out against the united states which many believe will continue if he wins. >> it might even get stronger because nationalism is the one thing that he can rely on to make sure that he maintains his popularity. >> reporter: his opponent is a 40-year-old governor popular with the young who scoffs at the claim that meduro is chavez's natural successor. he vows to strengthen ties with the u.s. and foreign investors and to reduce oil subsidies to cuba. venezuela supplies 8% of crude oil imports but also buys gasoline and diesel from the united states. experts say u.s. gas prices are unlikely to be affected by whoever wins. >> it's really been one of the forces for stability within the rela
service for president hugo chavez is currently under way. [ speaking spanish ] >> translator: although we have lost a great leader, the memory of president chavez will live on in the voices and fists of the venezuelan people. and now, it is my pleasure to introduce one of the most talented singer-songwriters of his generation. "rocket man." >> "tiny dancer." >> translator: "tiny dancer." >> "philadelphia freedom." >> translator: "philadelphia freedom." >> and "lion king." >> translator: "lion king." [ speaking spanish ] >> translator: ladies and gentlemen, mr. elton john! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> hello, caracas. hello, crocodile-aracas. [ laughter ] i should confess, i didn't know hugo chavez very well. but as the saying goes, "hey, a gig is a gig." [ laughter ] i did a bit of research, and it turns out president chavez was quite a complex man. so here it goes. everything in this song is true.
. at public rallies he tells followers that he feels that hugo chavez appeared before him in the form of a bird but he was kneeling in a chapel praying to god for strength. >> the bird flew in and listen to me. i whistled back. he whistled back and flew away. i ask for respect for my feelings and my spirituality. i felt that i was receiving respect from the giant who was the commander of all battles. he is current -- frequently referred to as the redeemer. >> the venezuelan capital has denounced equations between u.s. chavez and jesus christ. theif truth is told, mystical cults around him began not after he died, but while he was still very much alive. >> he was often referred to as the man of the thousand miracles. made aaimed that he had pact with the devil. >> the working class is, the biggest believers in the religious magical culture the exceed -- tries to accept reality through divine intervention think that you a job as was a force that came here to save them -- hugo chavez was a force that came here to save them. >> he was blamed of exploiting whichor electoral game, may go fa
president, hugo chavez, say he that did away with privileges for the rich giving people access to education and other opportunities. >> when i was young i did not do well in my school exit exams. but here i am now. i have shown that i have a brain as well as a heart. >> from satellite dishes to household appliances. the government has been generous in their handouts to the poor and fear it would end with an opposition victory. >> the people have woken up. >> the anger and the divisions have also reemerged. overnight the student campaigners are attacked with fists, bottles, stones and gunshots. even the police admit that chavez supporters are to blame. but the government sticks to their claim that agitators paid by the u.s. were the culprits. the attackers were caught on camera but were able to escape. the incident shocked the opposition activists. >> this can't be happening in vens waila. we have to stick together and make things work. we are children and brothers of the same nation. >> there is little unity on display during this campaign. students vow to ignore attempts to intimidate them
el proyecto de chavez >> la pregunta es si muerto hugo chavez seguirá siendo elector >> como su movimiento se mantendra en el tiempo >> los chavistas lo aprovechan con su líder fallecido >> la capacidad de dar fuerza al chavismo es importante y tratara de tomar ventaja de ese activo que tiene >> la lucha de la oposición no puede menospreciarse >> es oposicion que enfrentada tiene con enrique capriles 45% de los votos >> se llama poralizacion y sus resultados son violentos, casi a diario enfrentamientos entre la oposición y el chavismo son importantes para algunos como diego arria hay otros intereses que no pueden perderse de vista >> la mitad de centroamérica del caribe >> en su gestión hugo chavez destino más de 90 millones de dólares a esos países venezuela entra en proceso de reflexion mañana empiezan a llegar a al capital y a pocas horas del domingo los ánimos por la polarizacion entre oficialismo y oposición van en aumento >> méxico vivió una desus jornadas violentas con 39 ejecuciones, 14 murieron en michuacán y acribillaron a dos personas que regresaron de p
is headed, i know, headed to venezuela in a few days and we all know the passing of hugo chavez. there is great conversation and consideration -- concern really about what happened in the region. there's a broader conversation about u.s. policy in latin america, in central america. so there's a lot on the table that we could talk about. give me a sense -- since we're talking about it, why you're going to venezuela? >> i'll be part of the observation process. i'm invited be the national electoral council of vedges. so i'll -- of venezuela. i'll be arriving at polls. although he was demonized in the united states. in latin america there's quite a different perspective on not only hugo chavez but the reform process that has been spreading in south america. they call it the pink revolution where socialists, the president and congresses have been voted in in very participatory democratic election process and has instituted changes, redistributed wealth, reclaimed natural resources from trans national corporations, voted in new progressive constitution, and it seems to be an enduring
-- a venezuela that is deeply divided following the death of longtime leader hugo chavez. >> for more on that, we are happy to be joined by the research director of the -- american institute in berlin. are we going to see a recount? will the results mirror the eventual results -- initial results? >> it is quite possible we are going to see a recount, but i don't expect any miracle. i'm quite sure the results of the recount will be the same. the government has all the power in its hands here i don't expect miracles. >> it is a very close when for maduro. -- win for maduro. is this the end of the socialist revolution started by hugo chavez? >> without a doubt, we will see a government that faces enormous challenges, not only a divided country, but also, all the economic problems, inflation, the rising crime rates, and pressure from not only the outside, but also within the government. >> those questions that -- pressures that you mentioned all over the place, from inflation to rising crime -- will a recount help the country overcome these divisions? >> i don't think so. what would count is how the
such a deadly blast have yet to be answered. bbc news. >> he succeeded hugo chavez after an election, and today nicolas maduro was sworn in as the new president of venezuela. fullents are demanding a recount of last sunday's poll. we have this reports from caracas. there could be more violence. ♪ timeser a noisy and at angry week, for half of venezuela, there was a celebration. the presidential election was supposed to be a smooth transition to a successor to the charismatic revolutionary leader. instead, it ushered in a fresh. of uncertainty. periodshered in a fresh of uncertainty. to therdance with java's's final wish, he was installed as president. wear ay, and return to visibly shaken mr. maduro said he could have been killed. the opposition has called for a full manual recount. but there is no doubt as to who won the election. >> they think they can defeat us, but they could not beat chavez, and they will not defeat us, ever. >> it is one of the biggest and most violent shantytowns and south america. h isr and very popular. thereay the election was and their candidate won it. -- they say
manifestaciones en contra. >> usted saben que con mentiras frescas no hay futuro. >> maduro dice que hugo chavez esta encarnado hasta en un pajarito y capriles esta más firme siguiendo en actos para la oposición. >> hay posibilidad de que los candidatos hagan llegar su mensaje. >> los chavistas tienen la posibilidad de las comunicaciones y tienen seguridad de que pueden ganar, pero las cifras demuestras que cuando chavez no esta relacionado rojo rojito puede estar votando pero no quiere decir que es maduro en ganador y dicen que si la campaña es atipica también podrían serlo los resultados. >> las encuentras no tienen el mismo poder que una campaña más larga sin desmerecer. >> se cree que el resultado podría ser definitivo y que la abstensión sería importante en ambos lados, >> en el distrito de educación de guerrero maestros se manifestaron en contra del gobernador ángel aguirre y la policía. >> juan carlos nos comenta desde el lugar para contarnos como se usa el logo de la oea. >> el auto que también tenía placas diplomaticas era usado por delincuentes para transportar armas y d
turning out to vote six weeks after the death of venezuelan president hugo chavez. he painted the united states as evil, called the former president the devil, all while selling our country billions of dollars worth of oil. now his hand picked successor on the ballot. what the outcome could mean for all of us in measuring. . and a hollywood a-lister confronted by a stalker, up close and personal at the gym. also, a dramatic rescue. sailors in trouble miles off shore with nowhere to go, but up. stay close. this day calls you. to fight chronic osteoarthritis pain. to fight chronic low back pain. to take action. to take the next step. today, y will know you did something for your pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a pain reliever fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day, can helpeduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior or thoughts of suicide. anti-depressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. cymbalta inot for children under 18. people taking mao
. >> nicolas maduro también seguirá con su campaña y aferrado a la imagen den hugo chavez diciendo que respetara los resultados de las elecciones presidenciales . >> la campaña electoral se viene serán 4 días llenos de incertidumbre. >> capriles sigue con su segundo intento a pesar de que maduro lleva la delantera. >> los inmigrantes de estados unidos tienen una cita en washington para luchar porque se logre la reforma migratoria justa juan carlos gonzález amplia. >> en la marcha se abogara por la reforma migratoria >> estaremos todos los días pidieron el apoyo y esperamos que miles de personas nos apoyen. >>esta estudiante tuvo el programa de acción diferida pero sabe las condiciones de los campesinos indocumentados así que luchara apoyando. >> los maltratos de los campesinos sin documentos sufren la explotación de los patrones pero ellos tienen miedo a hablar. >> la señora roble tiene la ciudadanía >> estoy feliz de luchar por la reforma migratoria. >> legisladores se aprestan a tener conversación sobre la reforma migratoria . >> el los angeles juan carlos gonzález univis
're working on this hour from around the world. he's a former bus driver who claims hugo chavez spoke to him through a bird and he's running for president of venezuela. up next we'll meet nicolas maduro and talk about his chances of winning in this week's election. >>> and more protest and detention at jerusalem's national wall as jewish women fight to perform same rituals as jewish men. what the israeli government is trying to do to calm both sides. >>> remember this song, ding dong the witch is dead? well, it has risen close to the top of the british music charts this week. we'll explain why after this. but all i do to be broadcast ready damages my hair and scalp. then i uncovered head & shoulders damage rescue. it relieved my scalp and rescued my damaged hair. the proof? see it tonight, at eleven. head & shoulders damage rescue. boom. heart attack. the doctor recommends bayer aspirin to keep this from happening to me again. it's working. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. it can happen to anyone. talk to your doctor. aaah! aaaaah! theres
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is calling for a recount. a month afr his death the memory of hugo chavez still divides venezuela. the next president must confront mismanagement of the country's oil and violence. joining me is jorge castaneda. he is now professor at new york new york university. greg grandin a historian of latin america and a professor at new york university and nikolas kozloff an author and journalist who has covered venezuela for many years. i am pleased to have all of them here here at this table. welce. let me begin starri here. what does this election say to us about venezuela and its future and venezuela and its past? >> well, i'm very concerned because i think maduro doesn't have nearly as much clout or legitimacy potential eight if this recount goes forward as chavez. whatever the shortcomings of chavez and i've been critical of venezuela and chavez over the years. i think venezuela has been kind of the ring leader of the left. if the popular... if something should overshadow t revoluti in venezuela that has huge implications for the wider region. my hope personally is that maduro who is kind of a
hugo chavez was a econd chance for enrique caprias. thousands pour into the street to support a rally in what is he government strong hold. >> caracas bolivar avenue was up to capacity a show of support for enrique caprisa. many here like these teenagers will be first time voter who is grew up turned late hugo chavez and his bolivarian revolution. >> we believe in him. he is the future of this revolution. we want a separation of power not of society. >> although most recent polls show him running in second place. he sounded extremely confident insisting he will win sunday's snap election. he accused his competitor of hiding behind the image of hugo chavez and of being incapable of solving their problems. >> caprillas is the guarantee. i'm not the opposition. i'm the solution. > he also dismissed as idiculous government claims. with the elections less than a week away, the opposition that it willnceded be an epic challenge but he remined his supporters that david did beat goliath. >> thousands of colombians took part in a race to protest the s. d mine since 1990's 10,000 people have lo
but it's all coinciding with former venezuelan president hugo chavez day nine before immigrants rights day and carolyn is right there right now and she is one of the group leaders and she is fighting for girls like wendy, she is a teenager and she still does not qualify for citizenship. >> because she is too young, she is not legal to fight for herself and people could end up in deportation proceedings because of a cracked like or cracked taillight or for something like that. >> we watched them about an hour ago pull out of headquarters and that's where the main staging area is right now and there are some officers across the street here from the alcohol rally and most -- from the actual rally and most of them are teenagers and officer done think it will get out of hand and they are more concerned about may 1st. channel 2 news. >>> although they are close there is no agreement for immigration bill and they now have a guest worker provision which would allow tens of thousands of low skilled workers to come into the country but the senator says there are still a few details to be worked
. the interim leader clinched the title by fewer than 300,000 votes. he's a protege of former president hugo chavez who died of cancer last month. the opponent is calling for a full recount. our gas prices will unlikely be impacted. >>> the faa is ordering the inspection of more than 1,000 boeing 737 jets that could cause pilots to lose control after word that some parts could have factory defects. the parts in question help stabilize the up and down movement for the nose of the plane. the faa says these are just inspections and there's no immediate threat or incidents reported. >>> before we look at the forecast, check out this. this is what happened in bismarck, north dakota, on sunday where they are no strangers to nasty weather of course. more than 17 inches of record breaking snow in mid april, come on already. chaos on the road in minnesota where blizzard conditions caused three semitrucks to collide including one carrying dozens of pigs and another hauling cattle. what a nightmare. meteorologist bill karins joins us now. bill, is there any chance we could get this behind us already? >
a recount. the official return for the late hugo chavez's choice. at this point it is still unclear how long it would last. at the live desk news4. >> doctors at the mayo clinic is killing tumors by freezing them. they use a probe to apply extreme cold. they say the cold kills the cancer cells without affecting healthy tissue. >> 14 before the hour. in news for your health now. new evidence on how much anti-by ottics are prescribed. enough are being prescribed every year that 4 out of 5 of every americans could build resistan resistance. pharmacists say that has doctors changing their methods. >> instead of changing to a different anti-by ottic when one doesn't work they change the strength. >> over prescribing is highest in southern states. >> facebook wants to make sure you know how to protect your privacy in the network to teach teens and parents how to stay safe when they are using social media. he will announce details of the initiative today. >> maryland woman is fighting to protect women in the workplace. thee delivered packages for ups in 2007 when she became pregn t pregnant. she s
. >>> this is presidential election day. venezuela. five weeks after the death of hugo chavez. the question being asked tonight is whether it will be business as usual for a government that had a long and hostile relationship with the u.s. nbc's mark cotter is in caracas tonight. >> reporter: long lines at the polls formed early in the morning and drew again in the afternoon. as this politically divided country cast its votes. the ten-day campaigns to replace the laying hugo chavez as president of venezuela have been passionate and loud. the incoming president hand-picked by chavez as his successor promises to extend chavez' socialist programs for the poor. the 50-year-old has led in most of the polls and insists he is visited by chavez's spirit in the form of a bird. he frequently lashes out against the united states which many believe will continue if he wins. >> it might even get stronger because nationalism is the one thing that he can rely on to make sure that he maintains his popularity. >> reporter: his opponent is a 40-year-old governor popular with the young who scoffs at the claim that meduro
former venezuelan president hugo chavez died last month, and campaigned on the socialist revolution. >>> another hearing on the california death penalty system, it has been seven years since the last execution and they will review an appeals court because prison officials did not look into revising the three drug execution method. right now they are working on a new execution method using one drug. the legal matters over this method will not be resolved any time soon. >>> the bridgestone study says 95% of participants ages 21 admit to talking on cell phones, post being on social media and texting while behind the wheel but when passengers are in the car they don't mind disconnecting from electronics. how are they doing. >>> they are doing okay, it is just a reminder if you are going to be driving especially with winds. at a bay bridge toll plaza, unless you are using the carpool lane to san francisco there would be a little less time for you and also the peninsular look good with traffic on the san mateo and dumbarton bridge and still looking good albeit still breezy on those spans.
the late hugo chavez. as ray suarez reports, the results were far closer than many expected. >> suarez: the streets of caracas were mostly quiet this morning as convenient wail ands adjusted to the immediate calls for a recount. >> the gap was very small. actually it was... i was expecting it to be bigger. while the people expressed their will and it was the popular will, so it's necessary to respect the results. >> the difference is very, very little. it's possible that there were mistakes during the counting. i agree they should have asked for a recount so we can clear the doubts. >> suarez: the authority declared maduro had won by a whisker with just 50.7% of the vote. >> these are the irreversible results that the people of venezuela have decided with their electoral process. >> he is the hand picked successor of president hugo chavez who died of cancer last month after 14 years in power. under chavez relation with washington were strained even as venezuela became america's fourth largest supplier of crude oil. instead chavez transformed his country into a socialist ally of cuba's
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